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Call the church office for a registration form

Hello Parents,


We are excited to bring AWANA here at Ocklawaha Bridge Baptist Church! Please read the following information to help you understand what our AWANA Club is all about and the part you will have as parents. Also, please fill out the registration form attached.


AWANA stands for: Approved Workman Are Not Ashamed (2 Timothy 2:15)


When: Wednesdays from 6:30-7:45pm


Cubbies is for three (three by August 1 and must be potty trained) and four year olds.

They will have their own activities within the preschool area.

Sparks is for Kindergarten-2nd grade.

T&T (Truth & Training) is for 3rd-5th grade.


Car drop-off/pick-up procedures: Drop-off starts at 6:15. Pick-up 7:45-8:00.


The person who is signed up (registration form) to pick up the child, must have the sign in the car window showing the child’s name. A sign will be provided.


Clubbers are expected to be in uniform, have their AWANA book and their Bible.Clubbers must wear sneakers to AWANA Club.


Opening Ceremony: Sparks and T&T Clubs will open together with flag pledges, prayer and announcements.


Game Time: During this time, they will be playing games with their team. The games they play will teach them to work together and encourage one another while earning points for their team.


Handbook Time: This segment is the most important. On the first night, your child will receive an entrance booklet which contains Scripture to memorize. Once the booklet is completed by the child, they will be given a handbook for the rest of the year. It is absolutely vital for your child to bring their handbook each week to the club. Make sure you go over the memory work with your child, including the reference for each verse. They will repeat the verse to their leader each week and be encouraged by that leader. They will also earn their uniform and awards through this process, as well as points for their team.


Large Group Time: This segment is for the Clubbers to listen to a message from God's Word.


Awards: This segment is when the Clubbers receive the awards they have earned. The winning team for the night will also be announced. The clubber must be in uniform in order to receive an award.

Parent Volunteering: AWANA equips churches to partner with families by challenging and training parents as the primary spiritual influencers of their children. Our AWANA Club is a shard spiritual experience for parents and their children. God's plan is for parents to provide the primary spiritual training for their kids. We support God's plan by encouraging parents to contribute to their child's growth in Jesus, by serving weekly in our family focused AWANA Club. We have many different areas that need volunteers. We look forward to partnering with you to provide your family with spiritual training. Let us know if you would like to volunteer on Wednesdays.

14100 HWY 40

Silver Springs, FL 34488



phone   (352) 625-2492

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