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Lakeside Baptism

Care & Share


Every Wednesday from 10:00-2:00 pm, our doors open to the public. Care and Share is mainly clothing items, but there is much more a person can find. A crew of volunteers sort, fold, and organize items donated every week. This is relentless work that is never quite finished. Are you interested in helping in this benevolent ministry of the church? See Judy Mills at church this Sunday and see how you can help.


Sewing Ministry


Every Wednesday from 9:00 am-the late afternoon, a group of ladies meets in the resource building to sew, quilt, monogram and stitch all kinds of items. Everything made is donated to a variety of ministries in need of sewn items. Want to join? See Celeste Viale at church this Sunday or simply show up this Wednesday.



Biblical Lessons After School Time


Every Monday a group of church members meet at EMES at 2:30 for a time of ministry. For an hour and a half, we have the opportunity to lead 50 children in Bible study, snacks,  songs, and activities. If you are interested in helping with this outreach, please contact the church front office with questions.

Girls Scouts

Every Monday and Tuesday night, a troop of girls meet upstairs for a time of learning and growth. This is one way we as a church can open-up our doors to the community to build bridges. If you have a young girl interested in Girl Scouts, contact Terri Lankford at church Sunday.

Food Services


Every time we have an eating event the Food Service people are there to help. From AWANA to 5th Sunday potluck, to picnics or special events, these people cook, prep, and organize the food. Want to join in and help? See Pam Faulkner at church this Sunday and she’ll put you to work!


Handy Men Ministry


Can you swing a hammer or fix a leaky pipe? If so, come on out this Wednesday at 8:00 am and join the fellas on a project around the church property. This group of 5-10 men handle the day to day items that wear out, need replacing, or just a little TLC. Talk to Hal McDonell Sunday about helping-out.


Office Helpers


The church office is open Monday through Thursday 9:00 am-3:00 pm thanks to volunteers who answer the door, phone and do the bulletins each week. They also do random tasks like putting this booklet together! 
Each person who volunteers sign-up for a shift in the morning or afternoon. If you would like to volunteer in the office, see Jon Williams at church this Sunday and he will give you a volunteer application for you to fill out and return.





Building Bridges Day Care has been a ministry outreach of this church for many years. It is a totally self-sufficient daycare, VPK and after-school program with over 50 children. Please keep them in mind as you pray. If you would like to help in this ministry, a list of cleaning and maintenance tasks are available upon request. 



Cleaning Teams


All the cleaning at OBBC is done by church members. We have three teams: Red, Blue, and Orange. Each team works two weeks on and four weeks off. When it’s their teams turn, they get a friendly reminder from our office helpers on Wednesdays. Reminders are also int eh bulletin each week.


Each team meets in the Family Life Center at 6:00 pm on Friday, says a word of prayer and then divides jobs for the evening. Tasks are posted on a job board in the Equipment room. After 2-2 ½ hours the cleaning is done for the week. If you want to join a cleaning team see the following Team Leaders: Jim & Kathy Peebles, Cody & Jessica Swett, or Justin & Kim Gwin.







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